Team members « Virulence of the Burkholderia cepacia complex »

Annette Vergunst, research scientist (CRCN) Inserm

Tel : +33466028157, Email , Publications

I am interested in the cellular and molecular mechanisms that underlie pathogenic intracellular bacterial interactions with their host. In my group, we are using the opportunistic Burkholderia cenocepacia as a model bacterium to study both host and bacterial factors that are important for persistent and acute infection using zebrafish embryos.

Johan Gigan, PhD candidate

Tel:+33466028167 Email 

My PhD project is a part of an ANR project, called BURKADAPT. I test the virulence of a panel of Burkholderia strains isolated from different ecological niches in the zebrafish model.

My second objective is to use transposon-directed insertion site sequencing (TraDIS, in collaboration with the Sanger Institute) to identify Burkholderia cenocepacia genes that are essential for survival and replication in zebrafish macrophages in vivo.

Julien Boyer, « Assistant ingénieur » – fish facility

Tel: + 33466028167 Email

I take care of the zebrafish facility. I am also involved in lab management tasks and research activities in the laboratory.

My favourite meal is fish and chips

Ma Qiman, visiting lecturer/researcher from Guizhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine – August 2023- August 2024