Team members « Brucella Virulence »

David O’Callaghan, DR2 Inserm

Tel : +33466028146 Email  Publications

Anne Keriel, CRHC INSERM

Tel: +33466028157 Email  Publications

Philippe Berta, PU, UNimes

Tel: +33466028149 Email Publications

Andrea Fernandez, postdoc, Email

Biochemist with wide experience in Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Biology, over the past 12 years. I ‘ve acquired my PhD in Immunology at University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, analysing the inflammatory immune response at the maternal-fetal interface against Brucella spp. infection. I am currently researching about possible treatments for human brucellosis at INSERM.

Enjoy reading, dancing, travelling and learning new languages, French is next!

Sabina Omarova, PhD student, Email

Kossivi Atikako, PhD student Email

Betty Rouaisnel, « Assistant ingénieur », Email